Mutual Recognition for SRP Certification in Thailand HALAL Assembly 2018

2018-12-17 15:58:46 source: SRP

During December 14 - 16, 2018, SRP representatives attended the Thailand HALAL Assembly 2018 and signed a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with CICOT, HSIT and HSC at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand.



Grand Opening Ceremony


Thailand HALAL Assembly 2018 was co-hosted by the Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University (HSC-CU), Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT) and Halal Standards Institute of Thailand (HSIT). The theme of this event is “Precision Halalization in the Bioeconomy Era” and academic exchanges and seminars were held on the application of digital marketing, social media, big data technology and block chain in the field of food certification.



CB Meeting



MRA Signing Ceremony

The signing of MRA marks another breakthrough of SRP’s certification and export business, further promoting the export of Chinese products to the Indo-China Peninsula region centered on Thailand. We believe, in the near future, SRP will win recognition of more countries and better respond to the Belt and Road Initiative!